In the field of project management, there are some situations when you need to deal with more than one project at a time. This comes with the need of putting so much effort and time to reach the required goal.

In this case, you need to pick the most suitable and professional tool to help you do the job efficiently.

If you are in need and searching for a tool that helps you deal with multiple projects at a time then you are in luck and have come to the right place. As here we are going to discuss the concept and working of such tools in detail.

In project management, handling multiple projects at a time is difficult and quite tricky if you have no help. But if you are lucky to have your hands a multiple project tracking template excel, then things get much easy and under control.

In the project management field sometimes, you face sudden changes and sometimes ends up dealing with multiple tasks and project at a time.

Often this looks messy and impossible to handle. But if you seek proper help and pick the right tool to get you through the process then you can achieve the results of your requirement.


By using tools like multiple project tracking template excel, it is easy to manage and track the progress of different projects.

Every experience and competent project manager seeks help at some point in the project management profession. As in some cases, things get complicated and get out of hand, and difficult for a person to handle.

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An important thing is when you are dealing with multiple projects you also are dealing with multiple clients and you must meet their needs and requirements.

This is the point you get out there are get the professional and best-suited tool to deal will all the projects under consideration. Using multiple project tracking template excel gives you the comfort of proper management and delivers the best quality and performance of your work.

In this article, we will shed light on everything you need to know about handling multiple projects using different management tools and templates.


What is a Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel?

During the project management profession, the project manager often gets surprises of handling sudden events and processes. This will end up handling a bundle of complicated and complex situations of multiple projects.

In this type of situation, it is important to come up with an excellent plan and the best tracking plan before things get out of control.

Moreover, there is a variety of different helping tools available these days to get project supervisors and managers through difficult situations. As the position holder must analyze all the projects regularly.

So, the professional experience of the project manager can quickly understand the details and find bugs to improve.

It is important that to deal with tough situations along with the proper toll and professional and well-experienced managers is also very important for the success of all the projects on hand.

Accordingly, there is a dare need of using a strategically made multiple projects tracking template to handle this situation. All you need is a proper tool and a good person to handle the pressure and you are good to go.

Furthermore, often if the number of projects you are dealing with is high then using one tool might not work, so you can go for an elaborated project management template.  This practice will aid in keeping the work more organized, handled, and in firm control.

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Benefits of using multiple project tracking templates

A multiple project tracking template also is helpful at different levels of projects. You can handle all the happenings and events going on in different projects.

These tools are easy to use and keep all the information well communicated to make sure that the team is aware of all the happening and progresses in the projects.

The best part is that using this tool reduces the error to a minimal level and you also can save a lot of time.

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The project tracking tools come up with numerous different benefits linked to them;

  1. The main and very important one is that it keeps the project on track with all the necessary records and data.
  2. These tools keep an eye on the finances as well and make sure that the project does not go over budget. It basically ensures the cost-effectiveness of the project.
  3. The tracking tool also makes sure that the scope must be dealt with and taken care of to ensure the success of the project which is very beneficial for the future of your project.
  4. The project purpose is also associated with proper tracking so make sure that the best-suited tool is picked and used in the process.
  5. Another important aspect of this tool is better communication and collaboration and keeping the full record of the events.
  6. The tracking tool also efficiently deals with the stage in which resource allocation is required.
  7. Team communication and collaboration is also an important aspect in managing multiple projects. Subsequently, you must benefit from the character of multiple projects tracking toll for a better communication system in the project.
  8. Another feature of using this tool is enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring successful and timely completion.

Construction Schedule Template Excel

 What are the types of multiple projects tracking template excel?

If there comes a point where you have to deal with different projects at a time then you must pick the right one according to your need.

Following are some of the most popular types of multiple project tracking templates:

  1. Multiple Project Budget Tracking Template

Dealing with multiple project burden the company management especially the project manager. And in this situation, an important area that requires your attention is finances and budgets.

This is one of the crucial and sensitive areas in the project management field. Without a budget management tool, it is very difficult to handle the money spent and keep it in control.

Using a proper and suitable project budgeting template for different projects is a professional and smart move. It regulates the budget and keeps the spending to an acceptable and controlled limit.

No matter how many and different kinds of projects you are working on the use of a Multiple Project Budget Tracking Template will be very beneficial for you.

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  1. Project Risk Tracking Template

In the process of project management, several times there comes a situation in which some problems and risks go unnoticed. It is important to identify these hidden risks and eradicate them as soon as possible.

If these things are left unnoticed the situation can be very disastrous and have bad effects or even failure of the whole project. And eventually, there comes a critical point where nothing can be done to make things right.

(Agile Project Plan Template Excel)

You can avoid all these unwanted and nasty activities from happening by using a proper risk tracker template. The key is to use the tool on time and deal with the issues on time before there is no going back.

A template like this is very beneficial, and extremely helpful when you are in the situation of dealing with many projects at a time.

  1. Agile sprint project plan

Another important tool used in multiple project tracking template excel is the Agile sprint project planning template. This tool identifies the time required to complete the project along with delivery details.

You can also group similar projects into one category and deal with them together in this tool. One thing you need to keep in mind using this method is that you must update the information regularly to get the best results.

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Q. How to track multiple projects in an excel template?

Ans. The multiple projects can be tracked by following these simple steps below;

  1. Download the template and save it in your desired folder
  2. Open the summary sheet of the template and edit project titles
  3. Here in the datasheet, you can add new tasks

Q. How to keep track of projects in excel?

Ans. Excel visual timelines are used to track the projects.

Q. Do I need to pay any there hidden charges or renewal fees?

Ans. No, there is only a one-time subscription with zero additional charges, you can use the templates forever.

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