Working on various projects with multiple deadlines and a lot of stakeholders is a quite difficult job for even the most skilled project managers.

By using Excel Project Tracking Template even the most crucial tasks become manageable as this template is helpful for beginners, freelancers, small business products, consulting firms, project managers, and more.

It is needed for efficient project management that all the scheduled tasks and objectives must be tracked. A tracking spreadsheet is a handy visual tool that allows tracking the status of all the tasks against the scheduled plan.

The tracking template should be comprised of all the tasks along with their current status, the manager of the task, the extent of task completion, and the proposed duration against the current duration.

This template can apply to projects of all kinds and sizes for instance if your working project is simple and just requires a to-do list, this template will be helpful same is the case with a project having multiple tasks, subtasks, resource budget along with a team to collaborate.

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The project tracker template accumulates all the work on the same sheet that would serve as a valid source of guidance for your crew.​

By displaying multiple views of your project management functionality, your crew-mates can be focused on the progress of their individual task and ultimately keep the executives updated about the progress scenarios of the project.

This kind of template owns a feature called custom scripting block which can create new projects and their related tasks with a single click.

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Types of Excel Project Tracking Template

Mentioned below are the few types of project tracking templates:

Project Cost Tracking Template

In the project management process. it is crucial to observe and manage the entire project’s budget throughout the implementation of the plan.

For the purpose of tracking all the events of a project at each step, a project cost tracking template is utilized as it monitors each detail.

When you have a budget plan of the whole project in your hand, the tracking becomes very easy and it aids in controlling the expenses under pre-defined boundaries.

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It can also figure out any mistake in the budget estimation of the project. Allocating an appropriate budget to all the tasks in the project is very important.

This can be achieved by a ‘work breakdown structure’ which further divides main tasks into smaller ones that can be worked out autonomously.

Cost tracking may involve budgeting, approximate project expense, limiting controls, evaluating predicted outcomes, fiscal forecasting, etc.

PIP Employee Performance Improvement Plan

Project Time Tracking Template Excel

The time tracking template enables your team to keep a check on their time. This template allows managing computations of cost per hour, overtime, or leave.

Such templates can be utilized for various requirements of the project. A timesheet is a way to document the time team members have spent on a particular task. Handling deadlines have been ranked as the frustrating part of the project.

Time tracking template grants the independence to the team to organize their task as they prefer to do it. They can schedule the workday provided that the deadline is fulfilled.

Time tracking template of previous projects provides you with a historic record that allows you to opt for better options about the future projects or the current ones in progress.

In addition to aiding in estimating the budget more efficiently, they are able to affect the balance sheet by acknowledging the project manager of the enterprise level and how your firm justifies the time consumed on creating new assets.

This template elicits how fruitful your efforts are and enlightens the aspects to make improvements.


Project Progress Tracker Template

The progress tracker template allows you to lay down the priority; initiation and completion dates, current status, the progress percentage, and when it reaches the point of completion it acquires the status ‘Done’ automatically. It is basically a to-do list sort of template.

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Project Action Item Tracker Template

An action item is a task that is required to be completed. Like other tasks, it is also restricted in scope and almost needs some weeks to accomplish. Action items mostly originate from a meeting where discussions give rise to small jobs.

There are three basic elements of action item in Excel Project Tracking Template:

  • WHO- one that is responsible for performing the action item
  • WHAT- a brief narrative of what to do
  • WHEN- the due date

This excel template has similarities with a calendar of tasks or a to-do list but it is more detailed and also it keeps a record of the work through the implementation phase.

Milestone Tracker Template

Project management requires a timeline. Tracking the progress of the events towards the vital events, or to particular stages on a timescale is a great method for scrutinizing the entire project’s progress.

An Excel milestone tracker template can be used by the project managers to determine their crucial milestones and to check their activity against that timescale.

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Steps to Create Excel Project Tracking Template

STEP 1: Set up an Excel spreadsheet.


Once you know about the projects, you can customize your own tracking template using Excel.

STEP 2: Generate a Title Column as PROJECT TITLE


In this column, enlist the names of all the projects so that you and your team are well aware of them.



This step will allow your team to know the details of the project.



This column will do the division of labor that is assigning responsibility to a specific person.

STEP 5: Make a column of PROJECT DUE DATE


This column will highlight the deadlines and will decide the pace of the work to be done.



This will allow you to determine the extent of progress of the tasks and if more effort is required or not.




In the end, make a Project Effort column to address your team and what amount of time they must consume in accomplishing their tasks.

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