In the process of managing a project often comes a point when the processes need changing and configuration. In scenarios of this kind, it is recommended to use a suitable tool. In this regard, the recommended tool is configuration management plan template pmp.

The configuration management plan highlights and pinpoints the things which are changeable for good and need formal alteration. The process of configuration management and planning is controlling and configuring the different products and documentation for your project to improve and work in a better way e,g.

  1. Project Configuration Management Planning
  2. Configuration Management Plan Checklist
  3. Software Configuration Management Plan
  4. Change Management Plan Template PMP

This article will help you understand the configuration management plan pmp and what is its role in project management.  We will also discuss how it works and what is its significance.

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configuration management plan

Fundamentals of Configuration Management Plan Template PMP

Configuration management is basically a broad term that covers activities that help in diminishing intergradational hazards caused by the component changes in the project. Following are some of the configurational management components.


First of all, you need to have all the required data and the information about the items which need configuration. This is very important as if you do not have the proper information the required action cannot be performed.

  1. Next is the collection of the baseline data about the configuration change of your project.
  2. After that, the configuration plan is well documented and all the team members are agreed on it. The stakeholders must also know the plan and must be on the same page.
  3. Then comes the testing and standardization of the project prior to the implementation. In this step we make sure the proposed plan worth giving a go or not.
  4. Last comes the execution and monitoring of the configuration to see if it is working properly and to make sure it caused no issue in the development of the project.

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Configuration management plan template and project management

configuration management plan plays a very important role in changing and configuration in the project. This will pinpoint the change needed and help to see how much and which kind of change is required. As we all know with time in every project there is always a need of making some alterations to make the project run smoothly and keep on track.

By using a proper configuration management plan, you can see what parameters need change, and helps you understand if the change needed should be temporary or permanent. A configuration management plan addresses processes and activities required for change. It included the process change documentation, change regulation, and configuration change assessments.

configuration management plan

Why need a configuration management plan?

The Configuration Management Plan is basically an important component of the whole project plan. It is often made and planned during the project plan developmental states. And this is s designed in a way that we can easily perform integration and control change in the project processed. Furthermore, the Configuration Management Plan is applicable and useful for both the project deliverables and processes.

This provided the map showing how the deliverables will be identified, analyzed, and approved at the end. This will also help you identify whether the change must be done manually or require any Configuration Management Plan. The Configuration Management Plan is designed according to the need of the project as in some cases broad and the well-defined plan is needed and sometimes a simpler plan is enough for the job. The type and intensity of the Configuration Management Plan entirely depend on the project requirements.

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Configuration management vs Change management

There are quite a few points that show that how the configuration management plan is different from the change management plan. For instance, configuration management based mainly on project processes and deliverables. Whereas on the other hand change management works basically on making a log and collecting documents for change.

A configuration management plan template pmp shows how the change will be handled and monitored. And the configuration plan highlights how the configuration will be executed. As it makes sure that the items that need configurational change must not get neglected. This plan controls the item which requires formal alterations and controls the changes in all the configurable items.

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As we have already discussed the configuration management plan is of great significance. Therefore, when managing and planning a project must choose a proper plan for items configuration as well. As it is seen that change and configuration management play a vital role in the overall success of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q.1. What is a configuration management plan in PMP?

Ans. The term CMP (Configuration Management Plan in PMP) indicates those items which are having the ability to change or configure. In a Project, the CMP process can be change and control to configure according to the requirements.

Q.2. What is a software configuration management plan?

Ans. Software configuration management plan template pmp is used to control, monitor, and track the project configuration.

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