What are Project Milestone & Deliverables?

Every project undergoes an extensive planning procedure. Most of the things are decided in the planning phases of the project. Just like that milestones and deliverables are pre-decided and go throughout the plan. Milestones and deliverables are somewhat considered the same but actually, both of these are different. Milestones are conceptual achievements in a project and keep the team focused on the final goal. Milestones keep the project running the project on the right path. While deliverables are tangible and are an important tool for the client to know about the progress of the project. Both the ideas might overlap for the beginners but a professional project manager is well aware of these two concepts. Deliverables are the outcome of the project for example a product around which the project revolves. Whereas milestones are significant points in the timeline of the project and when the team is meeting milestones as per the schedule it means the project is on the right track. Milestones are important for risk identification in case a team is not meeting the deadlines for certain milestones set in the lifecycle of the project then a different plan of action is made on an emergency basis to keep up with the progress of the project.

  1. Project Milestone Template
  2. Milestone chart template
  3. Timeline template excel
  4. Construction Project Milestone Template

When a team is working with the project manager in the planning phase it is important to have a clear concept of the project. According to the goals and deliverables plan a realistic time and work breakdown. Develop a task list in reference to your deliverables so that you don’t lag the timeline. Try to keep the deliverables concise. A simpler and obvious plan is easier to work on as compared to a clustered and overlapping plan of action.

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Project Milestone Schedule Template:

Proper project scheduling helps to improvise the plan. A project schedule template helps to develop a roadmap of the project with the deadlines and task breakdown. Every task is given equal importance in the project schedule as it is going to lead the project towards the final goal or outcome. You can use a project schedule template like a pro by following few easy steps which are mentioned below;

  • First of all, make the team clear about the vision of the project. It is easier to work when all the team is directed in the same direction.
  • Now, keeping a view of the arrangement of the task set up a realistic timeline for the project. Depending upon the substance of each task define the starting and ending date. Arrange the tasks in the order of priority and time required to finish them.
  • Add project resources, make a list of the team and your workforce and assign their departments according to their strength and capacity.
  • Assign the tasks to the respective team members. Develop a work breakdown and align all the tasks equally.
  • Add or remove columns as per your details. You can add all the important details you will require for project scheduling.


Fig. 1 Project Schedule template

Project time frame template:


For project timeline/ frame you can develop a spreadsheet in excel. Project timeline can be made by carefully planning the starting and ending dates of the project. Tasks are arranged and formatting is done with different colors to make the template attractive and easy to read. Keep the details of the task precise. Add milestones in your project timeline to keep the team focused and motivated towards the final goal.


Fig. 2 Project timeline template in excel

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Types of Project Milestone Schedule Template:

Milestone charts are the graphical representation of the project’s progress. By setting up a milestone chart you can track the progress of your project. By tracking, you can easily schedule your upcoming milestones and define their deadline keeping the progress in mind.

  • Construction project schedule template:

Construction milestone schedule templates require extensive planning and scheduling to keep everything aligned. Project management tools have made the job easier. You can make the schedule by using templates. One such example is attached;Construction-Project-schedule-template

Fig. 3 Construction Project schedule template

  • Work breakdown schedule template:

Project milestone schedule template is good to develop a balanced work breakdown with the help of templates. You can customize these templates as per your need. It will save your time and energy greatly and improve efficiency.


Fig. 4 Work breakdown schedule template

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