Stakeholder Register Template Excel

The stakeholder management plan is a piece of document that ensures that there is no negative impact on relationships with stakeholders.

This document also makes sure that the stakeholders are well-updated and informed about the most important events and happenings of the project.

The level of influence of each stakeholder on an overall project on individual tasks can also be easily identified using this template.

It also makes sure that the information of stakeholders is well managed and documented properly to make use of it when needed.

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This tool is also beneficial in documenting and outlining the engagements and role of stakeholders in the overall plan.


As the stakeholders are individuals or group of persons who has a devolved interest in the project. Therefore, surely the stakeholders are a very important part of any project and their engagement and impact on the project must be properly handled.

All this can be done by using a proper tool like a stakeholder management plan template. This ensures the highlighting of stakeholder hold in the project and at the same time elevates their positive impact as well.

Here we will be discussing what a stakeholder management plan is and how it has a positive impact on the overall project. We will also see how this tool works and what is its significance in the success of the project.

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What is a Stakeholder Management Plan Template?

A stakeholder management plan is a very important part of the overall plan of the project and is an essential component of the project charter document.

The main reason for using this plan is to highlight the methods and processes to have a positive impact on stakeholders on project progress. It also pinpoints the stakeholder’s requirements, benefits, and facilities to influence the overall health of the project.

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The stakeholder plan makes a register of stakeholder data and adds all the negative and positive stakeholders into it. Moreover, to have a healthy project the needs of the project stakeholders must also be fulfilled which is also possible by using the plan.

In addition to that, every stakeholder is different from others. And in the same way, the information that can be disclosed to them also differs from stakeholder to stakeholder.

All these kinds of matters can easily be handled by using the stakeholder plan tool. As it benefits the project manager to identify the kinds of communications each stakeholder gets individually and also the extent stakeholder should receive.

To do so, project managers need to create a stakeholder management plan, an important project management document that explains the stakeholder management strategies that will be applied during the project. In addition, Stakeholder management and planning are equally important for every project, no matter whether it is a small or big organization.

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How do you write a stakeholder management plan?

Before shooting into the discussion of the benefits of a stakeholder management plan template excel, it is vital to have a look at its components.

Once you have collected the information about the type and category of all the stakeholders then comes the time to begin planning.  This stage is crucial and very important as it identifies the stakeholders and their requirements.

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Following are some factors you need to keep in mind while doing stakeholder management planning.

  1. First, identify and highlight the most influential stakeholder in the project.
  2. Then identify which stakeholder has the most effective and has a hold on which tasks.
  3. Identify the strategy to deal with the most important stakeholders and meet their needs on time.
  4. Also, make sure that you are aware of the category of stakeholders which controls the resources.
  5. Moreover, stakeholders’ interests must also be noted carefully.
  6. Try to keep your holders satisfied and in the loop to ensure the progress of the project in the right direction.
  7. Lastly, make sure that there is a proper and well-managed communication source between you and your stakeholders to share the important news and the whereabouts of the project.
  8. It is recommended to produce a stakeholder communication plan to make the communication smooth and effective.

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Benefits of Stakeholder Management Plan Template Excel

A stakeholder management plan is very important and one of the most essential tools for project management. A well-managed and competent stakeholder management plan aids in the growth and performance of the project.

Furthermore, it elevates the rate of precision, and performance and also lessens the overall risks associated with to project.

The focus and role of the stakeholders are also clarified using this tool. With clear information the scope and goals of the project and also easily achievable.

And by using this tool the stakeholder’s engagement and involvement in the project can also be enhanced which is beneficial for the project in the long run.

Another imperative benefit of using a stakeholder management plan is that it reduces the risks due to the proper highlighting of roles and responsibilities.

Consequently, it is highly recommended to use a well-structured and well-maintained stakeholder management plan to ensure the successful completion of the project.

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“Following are the steps used in process of stakeholder management process:

  1. Stakeholders Identification
  2. Stakes Description
  3. Stakes Significances Description
  4. Opportunities Evaluation
  5. Stakeholders Responsibilities Identification
  6. Considering relationship, enhancing strategies and actions.”

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What are the principles of stakeholder management?

Following are the principles of stakeholder management according to project management requirements:

  • Acknowledging
  • Vigilant Monitoring
  • Strong Listening
  • Powerful Communication
  • Adoption
  • Recognition
  • Smart Work
  • Avoid Discrepancy
  • Conflict Management

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