In this article, I’ll discuss the construction scope of work template excel, its key elements, types of project scope templates, and its uses in different types of projects. Project scope is a comprehensive outline that defines all the aspects of the project such as all the relevant events, timelines, resources, and outcomes along with the boundaries of the project.

The project scope also highlights the main stakeholders, procedures, predictions, and limitations. It also describes the aims and objectives of the project. So, all the necessary data is enclosed in a scope statement.

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What are the Uses of Scope Statement?

This is the preliminary step of project planning that is comprised of all the information regarding the project. Following are the benefits provided by the project scope statement to the organizations.

  • Efficiently articulate the demands of the project so that the stakeholder became aware of the project completely.
  • Gives a roadmap that can be utilized by managers to allocate tasks, organize work and expenses properly.
  • Assists the teammates to stay focused on the same objective.
  • It doesn’t let the complicated projects expand beyond the planned boundaries.

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Key Elements of a Construction Scope of Work Template Excel


Scope statement elaborates all the information about the project to the stakeholders. Discussed below are the key elements of the project scope:


It highlights the objective and cause of the project. The title of the project and to which organization it belongs and more.

Project Scope:

It describes the requirements and needs of the project. It also defines the basic goals regarding the schedule of the project, its tasks and settle that who will be included.

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Project Deliverables:

This section is about what will be gained at the end of the project and set submission dates and deadlines.

Acceptance Criteria:

This explains the objectives and metrics that would be utilized to achieve success.


This section pinpoints what is not involved in the project.


It shows the hard limits of the projects and the stuff that can’t be altered that may pertain to the schedule, budget, or other technical issues.

What are the Types of Project Scope Template?

  • Construction Scope of Work Template Excel

In this template, you can find an outline for the formation of a comprehensive scope of work-related construction projects.

It is comprised of portions for the overview of the project, its schedule, scope breakdown, reports, and a list of deliverables that the contractor will provide. You can alter or customize the outline for a number of construction projects.

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  • Project Plan Scope Example Template

This template suggests examples regarding what to mention in the preliminary scope statement and has sections for advanced-level objectives, assumptions, deliverables, limitations, and essential milestones.

This template can be used to guide you while establishing your own plan and you can modify it specifically according to the needs of your project and save time.


  • Procurement Statement of Work

The procurement statement of work, in project management and project scope template excel, defines the stuff procured in adequate detail that enables the intended seller to know if they are able to supply the deliverable and products to the buyer.

The features of the deliverable can be altered based on its nature, expected type of the contract, and the requirements of the buyer.

It also defines various specifications like levels of quantity, duration of the performance, desired quantity, work location, performance data along other needs. This feature of project management should be recorded in a concise, clean, and comprehensive manner.

  • Consultant Scope of Work Example

In case you are giving professional services like a contractor or a consultant, you may require to provide clients with a statement of work that can act as both a binding contract and a proposal.

It not only highlights the tasks to be completed but also includes terms and conditions for budget and expenditure, legal considerations like confidentiality, project dates, and more.

You can present an overview to the clients about the complete costs and scope of the project as well as more elaborated information regarding deliverables and predictions. Moreover, you must get final authorization of SOW prior to initiating the consulting services as planned.

Project Management Statement of Work Template

In the construction scope of work template excel, the Statement of Work is a statement that highlights particular services expected by a supplier to perform, by explaining the level, type, and quantity of service along with the time duration required.

In project management, it can be a necessary tool that communicates the demands of a project to outside contractors very clearly.

All parties mutually comprehend the nature of tasks and deliverables along with the resources, expenditure, and other requirements that will ensure a prosperous outcome and save from any risks in the future.

If it is required to modify the scope of work while its progression, the statement of work can also define the procedure for managing changes so that the adjustments go smoothly.

Based on how complex your project is and the needs of your work, you can extend the sections or edit the statement of work template.

download project_scope_document_template

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