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The PERT is the short form of the Program Evaluation Review Technique. A PERT chart is a project management methodology used to unify and plan different tasks in a project.

This is the graphic illustration and the detailed information of project processes and a simple representation of all the needed information. This tool is mainly and extensively used in different fields like business, engineering, and many more.

Project management is always in need of professional and effective tools for development and other related tasks and information on the tasks of projects.

This tool has been known for helping project managers things get done on time and professional way.  The PERT chart displays the information in a graphical way and shows all the details and processes precisely and accurately.

The pert chart template is particularly known for professionally and precisely getting things done on time.

In this article, we will be discussing the concept of the PERT chart template, and how it is implemented and used in project management activities and processes.


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What Is Pert Chart Template?

Every project needs suitable planning and processes and required proper data to make the correct decisions on time.

This divides the project into smaller chunks to make things easy and manageable. Pert chart template excel will boost the progress and working quality of the project.

Moreover, provided by high-quality management this will end up having a successful project on time and on budget on hand.

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Furthermore, this tool also makes sure that the project is completed on time. often it may also be used for the calculation and estimation of the project. Eventually, the final outcome of the project will be planned and aid in achieving the goals.

All this will also be useful in the proper execution of the tasks and to also keep an eye on the interlinked relationship between them. Consequently, when it comes to professional project development, planning and imagining using pert chat is highly recommended.

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How To Use a Pert Chart Template?

The pert chart template excel is used extensively and extremely popular in the project management industry. It indicates and highlights the project’s important decision-making process details.

New opportunities and innovative ideas can also surfaced during this process of organizing and scheduling.

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Following are some steps showing the steps used in utilizing the pert chart:

  1. The first step is task identification and gathering all the important details task by task.
  2. Using this tool, the manager makes sure that the project activities are fulfilled and recognized on time for the successful accomplishment of a project.
  3. It also aids in taking care of and classifying the project and its tasks-related dependencies.
  4. It also helps in mapping down the strategic path followed for finishing each task and the project inevitably.
  5. It is also important to make the perk charts related to the data collected during the whole management process.
  6. Draw the chart
  7. It is important that the graphs and charts must be plotted carefully with proper arrows and information. Proper arrangement and sequencing of the arrows in charts are relatively significant.
  8. Finally, in the conclusive step, you must finalize the whole plan along with the calculated time needed to finish the project successfully.

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Advantages Of Pert Chart Template Excel

A PERT template, the template is an essential document for the success of the project. It aids the project team member to identify the needs and requirements of the project and also let them know how much effort they need to put in.

Furthermore, this way of graphical representation of the events and milestones of the project adds to the success of project. And also is useful in all the events and necessary happening and keeps their data well organized to use it when needed.

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This handy tool also arranges and identifies the critical path of the project to meet the deadlines on time. And the interdependencies among project processes and project tasks will also be taken into consideration and eventually save a lot of time in the overall process.

Also, the complex and tricky project tasks are dealt with during this handy and professional way of mapping out the whole project.  Consequently, this tool is an effective way of dealing with and planning the project leading to easy execution of the whole project.

The project implementation plan is another tool that works best when paired with the pert chart template and triggers the smooth implementation of the project methods and strategies.

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PERT Chart Examples

If your project is in the very initial planning stages of the project as the planning stage or even the implementation stage the PERT charts prove to be very helpful and extremely beneficial throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Following are some of the examples and combinations of the templates with the PERT chart:

PERT Chart and CPM?

PERT charts and the Critical Path Method (CPM) both tools are the ones used to project data to make a graphical representation to take project management to next level.

They have an equal aim which is identifying the duration of individual tasks but they are slightly different. For example, the PERT shows data in form of arrows, and on the other hand CPM diagram is all about nodes.

Moreover, the PERT method used in the pert chart template excel can mainly emphasize the help to examine the tasks for finalizing the project and categorizing the needs of the project.

Consequently, if these two amazing tools get together and deal with the data by both the results will be much better.

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PERT Chart Vs Gantt Chart

PERT charts without any doubt are helpful tools when there is a need to plan and map out all the project tasks. This also identifies the dependencies and probable bottlenecks that they may project face during the process.

In the initial stages of the project, the PERT charts will be a vital resource for development and visualization but if it pairs with the Gantt chart it work get double.

Both PERT and Gantt charts use graphs and charts to represent and organize the data but they are slightly different from each other.

These work unbelievably well together and prove to be incredibly helpful tools when it comes to project planning and execution.

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Q. What does PERT stand for?

Ans. Pert stands for Program Evaluation Review Technique

Q. What is the history of PERT Chart use?

Ans. In the 1950s U.S Navy introduced the PERT methodology to handle Polaris Submarine Missile Program. Similarly, the same methodology of CPM (Critical Path Method) was presented simultaneously for Project Management in the corporate sector.

Q. Does charge an annual renewal fee for PM Templates? 

Ans. No, It’s lifetime free after purchase, with no annual or renewal fee with free online support.

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