Construction project cash flow spreadsheet

Construction projects are of difficult and complex projects in nature. They require special attention and special planning. As in a construction project, lots of money and resources are included, we need to be very careful and well organized for these kinds of projects.

A construction project cash flow spreadsheet will allow you to see and document the project cash flow on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

In this article reading you will see:

  1. What a construction cash flow
  2. What role it plays in the project success and development
  3. How to prepare a construction cash flow forecast

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Construction project cash flow spreadsheet
Construction project cash flow spreadsheet

What is the Construction project cash flow in excel?

The cash can be monitored and documented in many ways. Different kinds of cash flow-related templates are available in different formats. But the Construction project cash flow in excel format is one of the easy and efficient ways of analyzing and documenting the cash flow of a construction project.

What are the Types of Construction project cash flow spreadsheets?


Following are the most used types of construction project cash flow excel sheets:

1. Construction Project Cash Flow

By using this template, you can easily track and manage the cash flow and trace out the money in and money out in your project. This way you can easily calculate the total amount of cash utilized for a specific project. This is one of the most reliable methods to manage and examine your cash flow in the project throughout its life cycle.

2. Cash Flow Projection Template

A calculated amount of cash flow is needed for every project. Without this, it is very difficult to manage and run a project. Especially construction projects require a lot of time, attention, and proper management. The cash project flow template is another finance tracking tool for the projects like construction. Cash flow is something you must never ignore when managing construction and building projects. Proper handling and management of the money automatically lead the project towards success.

3. Cash Flow Forecast Template

The cash flow forecast template is another kind of project cash management tool required to manage construction and building project. This template is quite basic and straightforward. This tool is quite effective and easily manageable as you need no proper training needed for this. This tool allows you to see if you have enough finances to continue the project. It also allows you to calculate the net and final calculation of your finances. This will help in further money management of the project. You can make these cash flow forecast templates as a reference tool for upcoming projects as well.

4. Contractor Cash Flow

This template is useful for the contractor to manage the project cash flow in a systemized manner e,g, the payment for the sub-contractors and the suppliers and transporters, etc.

5. Client Cash Flow

The construction project cash flow spreadsheet template is helpful to manage the cost spend on the clients during the execution of a project. All the transactions made for the clients can be recorded in this template efficiently e,g, consultancy fee, service charges, software, etc.

6. Supply Chain Cash Flow

Supply Chain management is a very important part of supply chain project management. A Supply chain template is commonly used in construction project management. When working on a construction project lot of materials needed to be purchased for development, thus, this template helps to manage and maintain the cash flow.

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Construction project cash flow spreadsheet

Why Contractors Need A Cash Flow Report?

Now the question is why there is a need for a Cash Flow Report. The main reason for implementing a cash flow template on a project is to keep a check on the finances. As the finances in projects like construction can easily go out of control. In this template, you have also the facility to represent cash flow data graphically.

Construction project cash flow spreadsheet

So, there is a dare need of keeping a trail of the money flow in a construction project. This can only be done by keeping a proper system in place. Therefore, if you are a project manager and managing a construction project then you must take Cash Flow Projection Report into serious consideration.

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