Stakeholder Register Template Excel

 Stakeholders play a very important role in project success and as a positive impact on it. The project management professionals emphasized on the usage of a proper tool to manage the stakeholder data. There are many different kinds of templates available one of those are stakeholder register template excel. It makes sure that you have brief information about the stakeholder and their role.

The stakeholder register is a thorough and comprehensive document comprising all the needed information of the project stakeholders. Moreover, other important particulars of the stakeholders are added and saved by using this tool. It also aids in collecting the information about the investors and shareholders of the respective project which ensure the best outcomes. Furthermore, first step in this process is stakeholder identification and when its done then comes the steps for , stakeholder analysis, classification, and management.

In this article we will look at the role and importance of stakeholder register template. We will also discuss it benefits and important components.

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What is a stakeholder register template excel?

The stakeholder register is a kind of document which is made in the early stages of project. It contains all the relevant and important needed information about the stakeholders. The stakeholders name and contact information is also included in this tool. All the individuals are usually documented in stakeholder register template who has an impact and is in good interest of the project. The project progress is associated by the stakeholders directly or indirectly. Therefore, it is important to keep the stakeholders well managed and their information well maintained. It is also important to keep your stakeholders well informed and satisfied. To do so you must have a well-structured stakeholder register on hand to make use of it when needed.

Some information of the project is available in the beginning but some of them may pop up during the project. So, it is also important to keep the register updated by monitoring it after some time. You only can benefit from stakeholder register when it is carefully made and regularly updated. An outdated and unmonitored stakeholder register will be of no use and will not benefit you much. The main processes which this tool holds are stakeholder identification, stakeholder evaluation and stakeholder information cataloguing. Consequently, the stakeholder analysis and management must be given importance and strategy should be made to keep things well noted without error.


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Why you need a stakeholder register template?

A stakeholder register template excel is used for the documentation logging of the project stakeholder information. It is useful for the project manager to have a firm hold on the stakeholder management process. It also shows the type and extant of communication needed for each stakeholder and make sure that communication requirements are well met. The main components are description like name, expectation, contact information and influence on project.

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it makes your work more effectively and easily and easily interpreter bird during your project process. another one most important thing is that you have to maintain and update this project process life cycle for the rest of the project to have successful project on hand.

Furthermore, another most important benefit of this tool is that it enables the project overall plan to move forward. stakeholders are basically the project supporters and help enable project success on the life cycle of the project and make sure that everything is under control. when the stakeholders are not satisfied equal be a problem for the project overall and it affects the health of the project in many ways?  Stakeholders are the most important contributors of the project process and the need to be satisfied and well organized in order to have the most important and precise information about them to make use of it when it is required. moreover, the project register template is very useful when it comes to managing more than one or Complex projects.

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 Elements of a stakeholder register template?

As by now you understand the project stakeholder register now have a look at what are its main elements. It is for sure a very productive and very useful document. A general stakeholder register must contain the following components: 

  1. Stakeholder name
  2. Category and type of Stakeholder
  3. Stakeholder classification
  4. Address and other contact details
  5. Roles and responsibilities
  6. Stakeholder goals
  7. Necessities and requirements
  8. Stakeholder future standpoints
  9. Stakeholder expectations
  10. Stakeholder influence level
  11. Communication methods

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 How to create a stakeholder register template excel?

often the practices to make the stakeholder register in very early stages of the project specially in the process of making the project charter and get It signed.  the most initial step of making a stakeholder register template is to find out the different type of the stakeholders and keep the data in secured form. this step can be done by brainstorming and checking the previous records of the stakeholder’s information and you can also see that different previous projects to get the related data.  another important step of this process is to make appointments and make sure that you have involved the stakeholders in meetings and discussion events.  consequently, the stakeholder register is used to classify and Prove the different organization and the related stakeholders to get the specific outcome from the project.  following are some of the points that shows the different steps of making that stakeholder register template.

  1. Firstly, you need to Identify the Stakeholders
  2. Then make the catalog for specifications and the expectations of stakeholders.
  3. After that make a proper communication methodology.
  4. The next step is categorizations and classification of stakeholders.
  5. Later you have to make a Stakeholder Analysis and Organization Strategy.
  6. Then the stakeholders which are more influential can be separated into one individual group.
  7. Finally get the whole plan approved and well documented.   

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Download-Stakeholder-Register-Template Excel

What are the Common Types of Stakeholders?

Stakeholders can be divided in many different ways and manners. The stakeholder could be internal or external


The internal ones may include member like managing director, managers and supervisors.


The external ones could be vendors, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The project processes could have a different effect of different people to different levels of project.

Subsequently, it is necessary to have a good know how of the different types of the stakeholders to make a proper project stakeholder register plan. Another possible category of the project stakeholders is Primary stakeholders, Secondary Stakeholders and Tertiary Stakeholders

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