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Let’s check out some unique printable 2020-year time study schedule templates. We update some templates according to the year 2021 mid of July. GCSE and Revision timetable template is also available on user request.

Time study is a useful work-study tool. It has multiple applications for the optimization of resources.

So, modern businesses focus on conducting employee time tracking excel of all the resources. Thus, a time study template is used to conduct a work-study for process optimization. Just like the class Schedule template, this one creates exactly the same.

  1. MS Excel and DOC base printable template
  2. According to a different class of employees
  3. Project Managers can modify according to their choice
  4. Project schedule (2021)
  5. Editable template available in PDF format also
  6. Ask more format

employee time tracking template

The project-study has two core elements. Method study and work measurement.

Method study is related to the SOP of doing activities while the work measurement part focuses on the temporal aspect of SOP.


Both techniques are combined for improving the productivity of processes.

Employee Time Tracking Excel (Key Features)

The employee time tracking technique identifies the waste of labor hours in non-value-adding activities or unstandardized working practices. Thus, the focus of the time study is to standardize the time for the completion of tasks.

However, time tracking isn’t a valid tool for activities that don’t have any set procedure to perform. Thus, it is recommended to first make a standard operating procedure of performing the task and then judge the temporal aspect of different skills level workers on that SOP.

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Excel-Time sheet-Template

Project Time Tracking Excel Template

These types of templates usually use employees for their routine time study and preparing for the project tasks. So, you can check these templates if suits your timetable. You can edit these templates according to your tasks calendar.

The work measurement professionals use a table to make a time study schedule for conducting tasks that are not frequently performed at the workplace.

Project Time Tracking Excel Template

Employee time tracking excels daily to weekly base work schedule template according to time. This kind of template will help you with work management.

So, the Employee Time Tracking schedule is also important along with the time study sheet for the execution of the work measurement strategy of a company.

How to Create Employee Time Tracking Template in Excel?

This template is used along with the actual work measurement sheet for the improvement of the process.

These sheets help to improve the productivity and efficiency of the process. Thus, the time study schedule works perfectly to organize the timeline for conducting a time study for different resources.

This schedule can be reviewed later to find discrepancies in actual execution. Thus, a good final schedule approved by the management of the industry helps the time study supervisor to implement the work-study strategy of the company.

Time sheet Calculator Template

Google Sheets time tracking template

Just like Excel, this template could create also in Google sheets. Users can request us for preparing this sheet in Google.

The employee time tracking excel terminology is not based on the simple jargon to understand for everyone. It includes several terms people may have no listen to in daily life. So, the understanding of Employee Time Tracking terminology is important for using the template correctly.

So, the observed time is any time taken by any employee to perform the activity. While the normal time is a bit professional term. It’s time consumed by the worker to perform the activity as per SOP at a normal pace.

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Custom Time and Motion study Template for Call Center

Further, human labor needs a break from natural needs. Thus, allowances are added to the normal time of activity to calculate the standard time that is a bit more realistic for any worker.

It may include many times of allowance such as relaxation, personal, fatigue, machinery, and tools allowances.

Finally, the understanding of the above terms is enough to use the Employee Time Tracking template schedule for any process. Also, this schedule is designed using a Time Study Schedule Template that requires a very basic skill of the tool to use it correctly.

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