Employee Performance Review Template

What is an Employee Performance Review Template?

Employee Performance review is a process in which managers and supervisors evaluate the performance of the employee and write a review about their performances. The schedule of the performance review is also done by the managers or HR team. The reviews most likely take place monthly for employees related to sales and the rest of them can go through performance assessment quarterly or yearly. The nature of the project sets the tone for the depth and duration of the performance review process.

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  3. Employee Performance Review
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Proper reports are generated after the reviews are conducted. In the process, both the reviewer and the one reviewed needs patience and acceptance. Because an at times deduced result doesn’t go in the favor of the employee and it is quite heartbreaking for an employee to receive a warning letter.

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Improve Employee Performance through Employee Review Template:

The review system directly impacts the overall performance of the company. If some problems are occurring in individual performance. Employee Performance Review Template Excel will directly lead towards the decline in the overall success of the company. It is good to conduct performance reviews to keep the employees under check and on track. Feedback generally leads to better outcomes. By the review, problem areas are brought under light and possible way-outs are presented. Even by sorting the problem areas, the project can lead towards a better direction.


Evaluate Employee Performance through Employee Review Template:

Some important aspects can be highlighted in the performance evaluation. First of all, managers decide whether they want quarterly or yearly reviews depending on the length of the project. After the review duration, a template is decided. You can make alterations to the available templates or can set up your personalized ones.

The most common attributes that are evaluated in any employee performance are communication which basically plays a great role in the overall environment of the company, an employee with good communication skills can perform better as he is more involved with the team. Teamwork or collaborative efforts are thoroughly assessed as no single individual can run a project. Hundreds of employees work together to make a project successful. Quality of work is another thing that needs review. Ability to reach the defined goals and attendance is assessed.

Example of Employee Performance Review Template Excel:

There are different patterns or templates available for the performance review. Also, companies can develop their own customized template as per the requirement. Some common templates are mentioned below;

  1. Simple Employee Performance Review

The companies which frequently conduct performance reviews can easily introduce this template for the data record. It carries all the employee information with the performance assessment chart and in the end, the document is signed by the manager who has reviewed the performance.


Fig. 1 Simple Performance Review Template

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  1.  Monthly Employee Performance Review

A monthly performance review works best for the employees working on a contract basis. Monthly reviews are good to track the progress of the project. Goals achieved throughout the month are recorded and the areas that can be improved are mentioned as well. Reviews have an option to give comments on overall performance.


Fig. 2 Monthly Performance Review

  1. Quarterly Employee Performance Review

These quarterly reviews are quite extensive and can be held by having 1 to 1 meeting between the reviewer and the employee. Quarterly reports have enough data to draw conclusions for an employee’s performance. Performance is assessed in percentages which give better insight into the performance.


Fig. 3 Quarterly Performance Review template

  1. Annual Employee Performance Review

Detailed performance analysis is done and review templates are filled in. It works well for projects having lengthy timelines. Goals achieved depending upon the assigned responsibilities are recorded to keep the record of the performance.


Fig. 4 Annual Performance Review Template

  1. Self-performance Review Examples

Employee’s self-performance assessment is a modern approach. In which employees do self-assessment by using different metrics and already set standards. Employees use the same document as their managers for their self-assessment and submit it to the HR department for further reviews and judgments.

The self-performance review approach gives an opportunity to employees to share their ideas, wills, desires, problems, responsibilities, betterment aspects, and impact of the surrounded environment at work either employee is comfortable enough to give maximum productivity in a certain domain or everything is contrary.

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Frequently Asked Questions Answers

Q.1. What is an employee performance review form?

Ans. An employee performance review form is a formal document used for the assessment of employee performance review. It helps to highlight the employee’s needs and problems to make consistent improvements.

Q.2. How to fill out an employee performance review template?

Ans. It should be Two ways conversation, Time for reflection, Conduction of Coaching, and set steps for betterment.

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